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Keep Moving now allows you to cycle, run or walk your postponed event virtually!

Keep moving.It became so important the last few weeks that the term 'coronasporter' came into being. Whether you have just discovered movement or have been very active for a long time, it remains important for everyone. Those who are fit and healthy are less prone to viruses.

As long as the real events cannot take place, Keep Moving adds a layer of experience and fun to your moving moments. We want to make your classic walk or bike tour in the neighbourhood a little bit different every time. The real medal that you normally get at the finish line becomes a virtual one that you can share with your friends. This way your effort gets a social dimension after all!

Go for a cycle, run or walk at the event you were supposed to be taking part in or an event that takes your fancy. Participate for free through our virtual events and Keep Moving!

  • Cover a similar distance as the one you were going to cover at the event of the weekend at your own pace. Whenever you want, inside or outside.
  • Connect your wearable or sports app to Keep Moving and become part of our virtual community for free. Keep Moving is compatible with Strava, Garmin, Runkeeper, Start2Run, Fitbit and Pacer.
  • For every completed virtual event you win a unique virtual medal. You can share this medal via social media.
  • Time or rankings do not matter. Still, you get to enjoy these virtual events with many other sports fans.
  • Every week you can choose from events that were supposed to have been held in that week. You will be able to take part in the actual events at a later date. Go ahead and take part in the virtual event now!

How does Keep Moving work?

Before you start

Connect your favourite sports app or wearable and log your sports activities.

Choose your event

Take part in our virtual events. Choose from various events every week.

Start and donate

Take the challenge, earn your unique medal and share it with your friends.

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